A gift

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Imagine giving a gift that will last for all time–one that changes your life and that of all of those around you.  It costs nothing but change: small change for some, big change for others, and the return is immeasurable.  The gift is one you give yourself and in that giving you gift all others:  It is the gift of radical acceptance. Once you change your need to hold onto your guilt, shame, and the mistakes you have made, you open to possibility.  When you change your need to blame others, you open to possibility. By accepting that you are where you are on your journey, the path clears and you are able to take the next right step. Moving forward by looking back does not serve us.  Looking ahead and disregarding the NOW also does not serve as the present is never noticed.  When you accept things as they are, in the now, you become free to choose how you will be at this moment and in the letting go you are freed.