Attitude is Everything

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Attitude is everything. This I learn in unique, wonderful ways –often! Recently a friend lost her job. It was work that was drudgery, and she hated it–but she was devastated at what she perceived as loss. How might attitude change the reality? What is the gain here? What are the possibilities?

After time, she planted a garden, networked with other unemployed and employed people, began doing odd-jobs and discovered several untapped talents. She also learned -for the first time ever- how to budget money. She gave away many of her belongings, simplified her life, realized that she had time to breath, and smell the variety of herbs she planted by the tomatoes and beans. She visited with friends and quit eating out. Choosing to see possibility became her reality. As Shakespeare said, our “thinking makes it so.”

Are you RE ACTING to the events of your life with doom, gloom and disaster? How might you CREATE a different reality? What possibilities are right here — right now?