How do you eat an elephant?

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One bite at a time.  How is it that we allow ourselves to complicate even the simplest aspects of our lives?  What an amazing capacity for thought our brains have!  And sometimes that works, and sometimes it just complicates!  Part … Continued

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Co-Life Coaching A new, shorter more affordable Co-Life Coaching weekend will be held on January 8th and 9th in Hagerstown!  For more information about this life-changing workshop link with

Letting go

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A relationship has ended, or a loved one has died, or you’ve lost your job…and you are ready to let go.  How do you make this happen? As with many decisions we make, we are reminded to be willing, we open … Continued

Co-Life Coaching Spa Weekend

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Our first Co-Life Coaching Retreat for pairs included fun, spirited conversation, and exploration about our life’s dreams and how to move toward realizing them through newfound communication/coaching skills.  If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Co-Life Coaching weekend let … Continued

Attitude is Everything

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Attitude is everything. This I learn in unique, wonderful ways –often! Recently a friend lost her job. It was work that was drudgery, and she hated it–but she was devastated at what she perceived as loss. How might attitude change … Continued

The Power of Words

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Do you recall the words someone said to you long long ago? They may have felt wonderful, they many have hurt deeply. In both cases what may be worth your consideration is the power those words had that you still … Continued