How do you eat an elephant?

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One bite at a time. 

How is it that we allow ourselves to complicate even the simplest aspects of our lives?  What an amazing capacity for thought our brains have!  And sometimes that works, and sometimes it just complicates!  Part of me thinks this, part of me thinks that, and part of me…well, you have experienced this over and over again!

What I know is that each of our parts resides in a place within us and underneath all the complications, that part has a good intention for us.  Finding that core intention that is greater than all the others can happen and it can transform.  When we accept, listen, and embrace that part of us-even the one that hurts or is our shadow, we learn the intention and grow through the lesson.

That part within you that seems to be causing pain has a higher intention for you.  Find it.  Communicate with it and LISTEN to what it has to teach. It can change the entire picture!