Hypnosis – What it might be -what it is not.

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Hypnosis- What it might be for you…

  • A meditation
  • A visualization
  • A relaxation
  • A stress reducer
  • A conversation with your inner self                    
  • A change agent
  • A journey
  • A learning experience
  • A visit to the past
  • An opportunity to create the future

And might be described as : relaxing, fun, powerful, spiritual, profound, affirming, life-changing

The hypnosis my clients and I share has been this and more. Sometimes, we use the power of suggestion –and you are influenced ONLY by your inner voice. Sometimes we converse during the hypnotic state—and you find your own answers. Sometimes you find and create new attitudes and feelings about an aspect of your life— and you are always in control.

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Myths about Hypnosis- what it will not be for you

  • Going to sleep — While relaxation is important to this process, it is a focused relaxation that allows access to answers, rather than a more random dream-like state of sleep.  Both your conscious and subconscious minds are present. Hypnosis allows focus on the unlimited subconscious rather than the more limiting conscious.
  • Loss of control — Our work together is a cooperative adventure. You are ALWAYS in control of what happens.  My work is to facilitate as you make connections with your inner advisor, guide, and/or thoughts.  If anything, you are more in control as you “let go” of the inner critic – because your attention goes to the solution rather than the problem.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  I get to teach you how to do that!

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