Do you want to:

Reduce stress?

Let go of the past?

Set a goal and reach it?

Life Coaching can help.


Life Coaching

Having a Life Coach gives you the opportunity to focus on the solution rather than the problem. When all your attention is on the problem – that’s all you see. Adair helps you reframe how you view a situation in a way that moves your focus to positive change and toward a solution. Life coaching differs from consulting, mentoring, or advising in that together we co-discover possibilities for bettering your life.

Quantum Coaching offers many ways to bring you to a place of clarity about what you want in a specific situation or what you want to move toward in your life. It includes a process that involves repatterning unproductive thoughts to productive ones. Through dialogue and/or Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) you can experience significant change in how you think about your past, present, and future.  Through this unique coaching process, you can achieve dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time allowing you to be more productive at work, and more serene and satisfied in personal relationships –with yourself and/or others.

Download this flier to read more about NLP and how Quantum Coaching can use NLP to help you.

As well as individuals, Adair works with couples and offers workshops for groups. Among them are:
Guided Meditation for Serenity at work
Set a Goal and Reach it!
Deep Listening
Core Transformation
Hypnosis for Relaxation
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Co-Life Coaching ™

Weekend Retreat for life partners and friends

butterflyDesigned and delivered by co-facilitators, Robin Levien and Adair Eves, who coach each other in real time during the training sessions.  Attending a Co-Life Coaching™ workshop is an opportunity for you to achieve your goals and make a dream come true.

By the conclusion of the interactive workshop, you will:

  • create a plan to achieve what you really want including “when, where and how” to make it happen
  • identify and overcome stumbling blocks to achieving your goal
  • learn how to coach another person  to achieve their dream
  • use powerful communication skills
  • experience how coaching is different from and  more powerful than giving advice
  • reframe “can’t” into “can”…