Letting go

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A relationship has ended, or a loved one has died, or you’ve lost your job…and you are ready to let go.  How do you make this happen?

As with many decisions we make, we are reminded to be willing, we open up rather than close down, we accept ourselves as we are rather than constantly working on the “self-betterment programs” we design, we forgive ourselves and the others who have “done unto us”, we believe that we are more than we think we are, and-yes-we let go rather than hold on. With NLP each of us has an opportunity to learn the power of affirmations and productive self talk.  The grief  release pattern allows us to remember the beauty and goodness of the past while letting go of the unresourseful grip of the part of us that clings on. This can happen whenever we are ready.  Find an NLP practitioner who will walk you through this.  It will change your life.