You create your world

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How you speak to yourself creates your world.  As you go about your day, notice the language you use as the “tape” runs in your head about each situation you encounter.  Are you  judging?  Are you assuming?  Are you using the proverbial “baseball bat” on yourself with words like “I should have…”  “I can’t …”  “I’ll never…”  Think about what you are drawing into your life based on those words.  You can make profound changes in what you experience by simply changing the words you choose to use to describe what is happening.  For example, instead of ” I should have” say “I could have.” Instead of “I can’t” use “I can” or “I choose not to.” Restate “I’ll never” into “I may never… or I may…”

Listen to others use these words. Notice how they create their reality with these words.  What  will you bring to your life?  You can choose wisely…now!