Setting your goal and making it reality

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If you are ready to move beyond the lyrics, “Fairy tales can come true…it can happen to you…” and take action– creating a well formed outcome may be just right for you.  This is a simple, workable process to set your goal and see it through: to make it reality. Working with a coach to determine each of these steps may be useful as you make it happen!

1.  State what you want to do. (as opposed to what you don’t want)                                                                     

2.   Ensure that you can accomplish this independently.

3.   Identify the stumbling blocks that are in your way. Walk around them, jump over them, or turn them into stepping stones.

4.   Determine  when, where, and how you will accomplish your goal.

5.  Visualize what it will look like, sound like, and feel like when you have accomplished your goal.

6.  Take an “ecology check” by asking how your achieving what you want might impact others.  And determine whether or not that matters.

7. Follow through on step 4.