The Power of Words

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Do you recall the words someone said to you long long ago? They may have felt wonderful, they many have hurt deeply. In both cases what may be worth your consideration is the power those words had that you still remember them after many years.

Think about the words we hear over and over again on the news and how much impact those messages have on us as individuals and on the collective thoughts of our nation and the world. Imagine how different the world could be if our collective thoughts and the words we speak were directed at making the world a better place rather than the huge worry we spread when we say over and over how “terrible” the economy is, how “depressing” all this rain is, how “everyone” is about to get swine flu.

I believe that our thoughts and the words we use to express them create our reality. What power words have and the thoughts that drive them!

I’d like you to consider an experiment: Just for today, THINK deeply about the words you use. And, in the next few minutes choose words that will make a difference in the world. Think and speak of beauty and love at every opportunity. Address the food you are about to eat, and the water you are about to drink in a loving and grateful way. Think and speak kindly towards the next three people you meet. Include yourself in those kind thoughts and words. Notice the many wonderful aspects of yourself in the next few moments. Speak to yourself with loving kindness and share your words of gratitude with the Universe.

Your day will be different–better–just by addressing the next few moments in time with thoughts and words that are peaceful and loving. And the words you speak to others may just be the words they remember twenty years from now!